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IT Strategy & Roadmap
IT Strategy & Roadmap
IT Strategy & Roadmap
IT Strategy & Roadmap

IT Strategy & Roadmap

We have helped numerous organizations envision, create, and execute complex IT strategy roadmaps. Whether you are just starting to think about a roadmap, mid-way through, or revisioning your existing roadmap, let our experienced team partner with you!

How Do We See Road-Mapping?

At TOP Consulting, we see road-mapping as vital to the trajectory of business efficiency. We will walk you through identifying and designing your goal business state, establishing the most critical needs to make your business or back-office systems deliver your vision. Once your top priorities are defined, we then design the approach and timeline to deliver your vision. We make sure to incorporate other strategic business objectives into your roadmap.


Aligning strategy with the proper technologies and capabilities.


Drive collaboration & communication.


Prioritize, order and time block critical initiatives.


Be the change agent that you expect.

Examples of What We’ve Done

Led an effort for a major HealthCare provider to assess their ERP and Reporting tools, processes, and requirements. This client had disparate ERP systems, manual reporting, and a 21-day financial close. The five-year roadmap recommended designing a new chart of accounts, reimplementing core finance systems, integrating supply chain management and HR systems. The roadmap’s final piece was to implement a Data Warehouse with advanced analytics. After finalizing this roadmap, we led the client through all projects identified in the 5-year roadmap. The client benefited from significant process gains;

• Decrease from 21-day to 4-day financial close
• Fully automated processes
• Automated integrations between finance, supply chain, and HR
• Automated approval processes
• Greatly enhanced reporting, including key metric dashboards

Led an effort for a major Global Retailer to assess the Information Technology Development Processes and Methodologies to increase competitive advantage, improve customer service, and achieve cost reductions. TOP Consulting’s deliverables included both a Short-Term Roadmap and a 5-year Roadmap. These Roadmaps included a focus on Development, Project Management, Change Management, Business Analysis and Quality Assurance. As a result of this engagement, our client was able to gain visibility into strategic efforts across the multiple development teams and develop a collective understanding around the IT development processes.

Led an effort for a rapidly-growing Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) as they embarked on an initiative for unprecedented growth.
Initially, the client wanted to implement a reporting solution. However, after our brief initial series of conversations, we determined that adding a reporting solution to the existing infrastructure would not solve the reporting issue. Our analysis identified that nearly all systems were disparate, using different key-data in each system, requiring large manual-efforts to perform needed day-to-day tasks. The final 2-year roadmap included an overhaul and replacement of the existing disparate HR & Finance systems, an updated
chart of accounts implemented across all systems, as well as back-of-house systems for personnel scheduling and inventory in each restaurant location.
After finalizing this roadmap, we led the client through all identified projects in the 2- year roadmap. The client benefited from significant process gains;

• Near-real time visibility to sales at each location (previously was only available in weekly arrears)
• Replacement of manual integrations, with automated system integrations between Finance and HR
• Streamlined systems and processes
• Enhanced reporting capabilities

What Our Clients Are Saying

“TOP Consulting provided our organization with Strategic Insight into our technology solutions and helped us to develop a business systems roadmap of key projects that will enable our organization to become flexible and agile in the current health care reform environment.”

– Health Care SVP, CFO

Let our experienced team help you strategize your IT Roadmap today.